About Us

What's Delivery Republic?

Mixing the spirit of a tech start up with the experience of a mature delivery enterprise, Delivery Republic is revolutionizing food delivery for the restaurant community with a perfectly seamless one-stop service.

With the help of an innovative resource-matching platform and a savvy delivery fleet, Delivery Republic empowers restaurants to extend take-out services to home and office customers with a mere few phone swipes, and helps them increase sales with zero additional overheads.

A super user-friendly service bridging the masses of Hong Kong restaurants with the vast appetite of stay-at-home diners, Delivery Republic is the delivery service that restaurants, and the public, have always dreamed of, yet was never delivered. Until now.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide on-demand service to businesses in every major city in Asia

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Unit A, 5/F, Gee Luen Chang Industrial Building, 11 Yuk Yat Street, Tokwawan, Kowloon


Founded in May 2014 and launched in August 2014, Delivery Republic has been in operation for just over one year. As of this month (November) the company is the only on-demand delivery service to operate across 85% of the populated areas in Hong Kong and the Territories with currently over 100 vehicles (bikes, smart cars, vans) performing deliveries. The first round of funding will help Delivery Republic to expand further across Hong Kong and into other cities across Asia.

our TEAM

George Kee

Founder & CEO

Floria Fong

Co-founder & COO

Jonathan Kee

Co-founder & CFO